The products offered by S.C. Nutrition Research & Development LLC address the food market with nutritional profile. The first product in this range, representing the first notable result of the research and development activity, is DIABETIX. This product will be marketed under two brands:

  • One for the persons suffering from type II diabetes, in order to improve or preserve their health;
  • One for the persons without medical problems that wish to follow a healthy lifestyle based on the consumption of dietary products, characterized by a low energy value.
  • Besides DIABETIX, S.C. Nutrition Research & Development LLC aims to launch on the market a much wider range of innovative nutritional products. Before being launched the products will be tested in clinical trials by prestigious national and international institutes in order to validate their medical properties. The research conducted by S.C. Nutrition Research & Development LLC, for this purpose, depends on the market launch of a range of products that enable shaping an integrated concept of healthy eating based on the following properties:

  • Low energy value, in order to combat the growing trend of consuming regular sweet products, which have a very high caloric content and which worsen the health status and the metabolic processes of the consumer;
  • Uniqueness, regarding the physicochemical properties and the underlying recipes; for this reason there are perspectives that the products marketed by S.C. Nutrition Research & Development L.L.C. will be quickly spread beyond the country’s borders;
  • Innovation demonstrated by the originality and viability of the capitalized research & development results and validated through the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademark certification for the compositions and recipes used.
  • Through the range of offered products, characterized by the properties listed above, S.C. Nutrition Research & Development L.L.C. aims to annihilate an oversaturated market of prohibited products for persons with diseases, which affect the population’s health status and metabolic balance, especially as the population ages. In this context S.C. Nutrition Research & Development L.L.C. aims to become, through its products, a promoter of healthy and high quality food.