Benefiting from the experience of well known medicine and applied research specialists and with a number of collaborations with prestigious institutions existing on the Romanian medical services market, the company has also decided to offer consulting services to the organizations that place their activity in the health and food domains.
The ranges of services offered by S.C. Nutrition Research & Development L.L.C. include:

  • Consultancy services in the product research and development area, targeting companies that intend to launch nutritional products on the market; the services offered refer to the means used for the implementation of the technological transfer, as well as the optimization of the production process and associated costs;
  • Consulting and research & development services regarding the logistic-marketing system optimization, addressed to companies that sell nutritional products, taking into consideration the fact that these products, generally, need special transporting and storage conditions;
  • Participating at research and development projects in partnership with institutes and universities, with the purpose to direct the private financial resources towards the research activity; the main beneficiaries are the private companies in the health/nutrition domain;
  • Consultancy services regarding marketing nutritional products, so that they can become competitive, not only through their physical and chemical properties, but, also, through the manner in which they are presented and offered on the market, including under the aspect of brand importance;
  • Specialized consulting services regarding specialized topics (such as: the theory of the food’s glucose level index, the importance and the use of fibers in your diet, the caloric intake of food products etc.) addressed to all juridical or natural persons that are interested in ensuring healthy eating;
  • The services presented above are aligned with the company’s mission to contribute to the improvement of the population’s health status by discovering, after an intense research & development activity, new recipes and new innovative programs.